Thursday, April 16, 2009

Baby Animal Days

First and foremost, I want to apologize for all the pictures you are about to witness. This is the condensed version! I have not yet figured out how to make a collage (not a slide show) on blogger. If anyone knows how to make these collages, please email me ( 

Last Friday, Addison and I drove up to Logan for the Easter Weekend and met my parents at the Jensen Historical Farm for 'Baby Animal Days'.  Addison was SO excited to see her Papa. When she saw him, she got this pouty look on her face like 'Where have you been all my life'.  It was pretty cute!
The lines were outrageous! Next year we are going the first day and early in the morning.
Addison with her "boon". She LOVES balloons, but what kid doesn't?
Addison got the concept of the bean bag toss pretty quick.
We were in line waiting for the horse rides and found out that the wait was over an hour. We decided to bag that idea!

I can't believe that Addison touched the snake! This kid has NO fear! Me, on the other hand, slowly backed away!
Addison was NOT impressed with the Easter Bunny! Maybe this is why the Easter Bunny didn't leave her any money?!?
Addison was letting me know that Shaun the Sheep was out there.
Addison wanted in the bouncy slide so badly, but I don't think they would have let mommy in there! I don't think I met the height requirement!
This is where the mommy got slimed by a cow! Good times!!!
Addison finally got brave enough to pet the cow!
And then the donkey (or as my brothers would remind me, the Jenni!)

Addison was not quite sure about the sheep they were shearing.  She didn't want to touch this animal.
Snack time! Papa bought Addison some kettle corn. I think this is why he is her favorite! :)
Addison LOVED the baby goats. She had to give each of the four baby goats lots of love!

Addison was peeking in on the mommy goats. If she could have climbed through the slots, she would have.

"Tweet tweet" 
Addison could not get to the baby ducks fast enough! 
Mommy had to save the baby duck from being squished by an over excited little girl!
Who doesn't love baby cows? I know I do!

Addison was trying to climb the fence to get into the pigsty! Maybe she felt at home there!

This is our 2nd time with the baby ducks! Addison kept running back to them!

Check out this video of Addison with the baby goats. I wish you could see the excitement on her face. She loved petting and loving them!


Gwyl said...

Very cute. It was fun spending part of the day with you guys at the farm. Addi is such a little doll.

Holly said...

How sweet! Looks like you guys had so much fun.

Deon said...

No need to apologize for the number of photos you put up--it made me feel like I was there with y'all:) However, I quickly scrolled passed the snakes; I'm not going to touch those even though there is a computer monitor between myself and those scary things. I just don't get along with snakes, that's all.

Addison is sooooooo adorable! And she is so lucky to have a mom as fun as you!

Beth said...

What a fun time we all had!

Jenni Blaser said...

Thanks for the pictures! She's super cute! I would have kept going back to the baby ducks too!

Chad and Stacey said...

Those are cute pictures Jen! Lots of people I know went up to that baby animals thing. I didn't even know about it! Maybe next year we'll go with you. But no snakes for us!!! Addi is getting so cute and I love the video of her. She's such a pretty girl!

Kaylee said...

So she's not scared of ANYTHING, including the gross snakes, but hates the EASTER BUNNY?? That cracks me up!

Brian and chelsea said...

love it! wish I could take Brianna there! She'd try to squish the poor chicks too. And she'd probably feel at home in the pigsty :) I have no idea how to make collages. I know a friend of mine does it with photoshop...

Devri and Don said...

I wanna go... Waht a great day you had. I miss living close, wish we could see you more!!! Addison is sooo cute. Love you guys!