Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Weight Check

Today Paige went in for a doctors appointment. She has a cold with congestion and it was freaking me out. I just wanted to make sure she was okay and not about to have RSV. Doctor said she is just fine and that it was just a cold. She also has a rash on her face and chest that he said was due to Cradle Cap. I didn't know that Cradle Crap (LOL) would cause a rash, but he said the best cure for this was to wash Paige's hair with Head and Shoulders shampoo for a couple of weeks. Who knew!?!

Anyway, while I was there, we had them do a naked weight check on Paige. Take a guess at what you think she weighs. Remember that she started out six weeks ago at 4 pounds 13 ounces.

Leave your guess in the comment area. The winner of this little game will receive 5 minutes of uninterrupted snuggle time with baby Paige or a box of Cap'n Crunch. Winner chooses.

**No cheating for the people that already know. This will constitute as immediate disqualification!***

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Not Quite 6 Week Update

I have not been in much of a blogging mood lately. I see and hear other mothers that have all their "stuff' together and I do not feel like I am one of them. It takes us a long time to get ready for the day and most days, I can not get Addison motivated enough to even leave the house. I don't have much motivation either, but I'm trying. In almost 6 weeks, I have only put makeup on my face once! ONCE! I don't know how people with more than one child do anything! This is hard! (At least it is hard for me!)

Cute little Paige getting her first bath. She loves her baths. It is so fun to watch her little face go from serious to content once she gets in the water. She is such a fun little girl.
Paige was trying to watch what Addison was doing. (Addison is sitting on the counter on the other side of the sink.)

I love that Paige always has her hands on her face when she is sleeping. In the course of me taking these pictures, Paige's hands moved all over her face at least 6 times. Even when I swaddle her up at night and make sure her hands are down to her sides so they are warm, she somehow wiggles them out of the blanket and they end up on her face! She is a mini Houdini!

While I was in my bedroom nursing Paige, Addison was in our living room watching TV. After I got done with Paige, I went out to check on Addison and this is what I found. Note to self: Never leave a three year old unattended with stickers!
  • Paige is doing what I assume all 6 week old babies are doing. Sleeping. She still sleeps most of the time. She has her moments of alertness, but for the most part, she likes to sleep.
  • She does these little smiles. Some would say that they are because of gas, but trust me, she does NOT smile when she has gas!
  • Paige does not like it when Addison gets in her face. Paige knows when Addison is coming towards her because Addison makes this mean "grrr" sound and then won't get out of her face. I don't blame Paige for not liking it. I wouldn't either!
  • Tummy time is a hit or miss kind of thing. Some days Paige doesn't mind it, in fact, on those days she will just fall asleep on her tummy. Other days, she just lays her head down and cries and cries until someone picks her up.
  • Speaking of picking her up, Paige wants to be held all the time. This would be great if I could devote all of my time just to her, but I just can't!
  • Addison is over having a new baby at our house. She is starting to get really jealous and wants to be held by whomever is holding Paige. I am trying to spend one on one time with Addison, but whenever I have a chance to be alone with her, she doesn't want me. Only when I can't be alone with her does she want me. If anyone has any suggestions on what to do about this, I am willing to listen!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Paige Elizabeth

My friend Briar did it again. She took some amazing photos of Paige for us. If you don't remember her work, you can click here to see the pictures she took of Addison. Briar has such patience and some how makes Paige look more precious than she already is. Thank you Briar!!!

I love my baby girl. She is such a mellow, content baby. She is still in her baby coma or else she just REALLY likes to sleep. We are still trying to get a routine down, but we can count on Paige being awake and alert for a couple of hours in the evening, right before bedtime. She is starting to have a routine in the middle of the night for feedings. She has woken up at the same time for the past three nights. Hopefully once we have the nightly routine down, we can start working on a daily routine.

We have learned that Paige really likes having her feet rubbed (what girl doesn't?). She also likes to have her head rubbed too. I would like to say that she likes it when I attack her with kisses, but I'm not sure she does. I think she tolerates me. She is getting really good at grasping my fingers. She always has a hand under her face when she sleeps. She will smile at me when I rub her cheeks. She LOVES her bath time. She doesn't like being cold, but she loves the warmth of the water. She is neutral about tummy time. I don't think she loves it, but she doesn't seem to hate it. I think she likes that her sister plays on the floor with her when she does her tummy time. She is getting pretty good at holding her head up. It is so much fun to see her growth and progress each day! I am so very blessed to have both Paige and Addison in my life!!!

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this picture!

Addison is the best big sister. She is so much better with having Paige in our lives than I ever thought she would be. She loves to help out and play with her sister.
Paige is a lucky little girl to have Addison as her big sister!