Thursday, September 24, 2009

Salsa or Tango?

I wanted to make salsa this, but with money being tight, I thought I should probably forgo it this year. So far, we have gotten the fruit that I was able to can this year off of my parents trees.
My little brother and his wife thought that they should pay me back for watching their kids (which is like getting paid twice, since I love those little girls to pieces), so they put some salsa together for me. They had to leave and do some family things, so they brought me the salsa in the roasting pan and told me to cook it all day. It was actually quite fun and I've enjoyed all the canning that I've learned how to do this summer. Bret & Jamie told me that the amount of salsa they put together would make about 15 pints.

I was kind of a dork and bought half pint bottles instead of pint size. I had so much salsa to can that I had to borrow another wet pack canner or else I was going to be at it all night.
All in all, I we got 28 half pints of salsa. I think there is probably enough there to last me lets say Christmas! :)
Look, Addison's magic!

Sunday, September 13, 2009


The other day without any prompting Addison told me that she wanted "butter". I had to ask her again what she wanted. Again, she said she wanted "butter". I had to ask her three times what she was asking for. Each time, she would say "butter". Finally, I was like "You want butter? Toast with butter?" She said no, she wanted "baby butter"!

No, I am not pregnant! I wanted to post this, so when we finally do give Addison a brother and she says she doesn't want him anymore, I can tell her she asked for it!

Sunday, September 6, 2009


Sorry about all the photos in the next couple of posts. I just can't ever seem to narrow them down when I go to put them online!


The highlight of our Kansas trip was catching a frog. Addison and her little cousins caught this frog all by themselves and just had a blast playing with him.

Show mommy the frog.

Froggy is trying to escape. I would try harder, if I were him!
This is what it looks like to be a frog and be squeezed to death by a two year old!

Think you can get away from us frog? Think again! Three against one! Even the baby is in on the action
Don't you get away from me, frog!

Aunt Cheryl found pity on the frog (probably because I was hyperventilating, because the kids kept throwing, dropping and jumping on the frog) and put him down the drain. I have a feeling the frog is sitting at the bottom of the drain thinking "Aw, peace...finally!!!"

Deanna Rose Park - Kansas

Randy, Addison and I made a quick trip out to Kansas a couple of weeks ago to pick up a camp trailer for Randy to live in while he is in Vernal. I have to admit that I was very proud of Addison. She rode so well in the car. The only time that she really fussed to get out of the car was at 1:30 AM after she had been in the car for 17 hours! And she wasn't really fussing to get out of the car, she was fussing because she wanted to go to bed in "Addi's bed". Randy said that he couldn't listen to Addi's sad cry for another hour, so we got a hotel room right outside of Kansas City. The next day we took Addison to a fun little park that Randy's sister had told us about, to let her run around and play. It is called the Deanna Rose Childrens Farmstead.

Addison is posing for the camera. Don't you love her pretty smile? (She was mad at me because I made her stop what she was doing to look at the camera!)
Of course, we had to stop and see the ducks. That was the first place Addison ran to.
Trying to catch a koi fish with her bare hands. Well, she'd try if she could get over the railing!
Addison wanted to ride the tractor SO badly, but alas, her mother is too mean and wouldn't let her!
"Moo moo"
"Whoo whoo"
Addison would go to each animal's cage and talk to them in their language. What a social little girl!
Addison and her mommy. Don't we look great for 18 hours on the road and 4 hours of sleep? I think so! (Just kidding!)
"Boo, white, wed, lellow"
Addison was pointing to each of the individual butterflies and telling me what color they are. She is such a little smartie pants!
This position was the best way for Addison to turn the wheel. She could have cared less what she was turning it for, she was just turning it.
We tried to walk away from this thing (still not quite sure exactly what it is), but it kept pulling Addison back!
Thanks to our neighbors, Addison showed no fear in petting the baby goat!
Please note that the next three photos are not the same! Addison had to try every single rocking thinger (sorry, I don't know what they are called) out on the playground!

We had such a great time at this park! And it was free! Randy and I kept saying how neat it would be to have something like this closer to home. Thanks for the great idea, Cheryl!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Grand Opening Party

My brother Corey and his wife Jenni have opened a frozen yogurt shop in American Fork (598 West Main Street), called Froyo. (Click here for more info.) They are having their grand opening party Saturday, September 12th at noon. Please everybody come and support them. It also doesn't hurt that their frozen yogurt is SOOOO good!

Hopefully we will see all of you there!