Friday, February 26, 2010

Priceless Bits from Addison

2/13 - Addison and I were driving in the car and were talking about a PEZ dispenser that her Papa had gotten her. I told her "Your Papa must love you!" and she said to me "YEAH! SO MUCH!" {I put her responses in caps because she is usually yelling and very emphatic}
2/18 - This one made me cry! Out of the blue, Addison came and sat on my lap and told me that "We are best friends! Huh, mom?"
2/19 - Addison has a little black and white puppy that is named Stinky. We named it Stinky because it kind of looks like a skunk. While Papa was putting Addison in her car seat, I asked Addison what her puppy's name was. She gave me a quizzical look and said "Poo Poo?". Needless to say both Papa and I were laughing. I wish I could have gotten a picture of her face, because that look was PRICELESS!
2/22 - I asked Addison what she wanted for dinner and she told me yogurt. So I pulled it out of the fridge and took the top off. When she saw that it was the key lime (green) she exclaimed "It's like Damma's! It tickles me in my belly!"
2/26 - Addison and Randy were playing play-dough at her little kids table and a part fell on the ground. Addison told her dad to pick it up and he said "No, you can get it." Addison's response to her father was "Your hand isn't broken, you get it!" I have never heard that one before from her, but I couldn't stop laughing. She really does have sass!!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Most Amazing Thing Happened!

At 4:08 AM this morning, Addison woke me up and told me that she needed to go potty! At first I didn't believe her. I told her to go back to sleep. But she kept insisting that she needed to go potty. I told her that she had on a diaper and that she could just go in that. I really believed that she just wanted to get up and play. Again, she insisted that she needed to go potty. I told her that I would take her potty, but that the lights would make her cry. Sure enough, the lights did make her cry. After I turned off the lights, she helped me pull down her pants and take her slightly wet diaper off. She sat on the potty and went pee pee! I was so proud of her! She woke up because she knew the feeling of needing to go potty!
I think that this is a triumphent event!!!
I also think it is time to cut back on the fluids before bedtime! :)

Sunday, February 21, 2010


I was looking at old photos of Addison and realized that I never posted these.
I remember as a kid watching slide shows on my Grandma Bea's living room wall and always seeing pictures of the kids (my dad and his siblings) in the backyard. These pictures of Addison remind me so much of the pictures I used to see on the blank wall as a kid.

I don't even think Addison is a year old in these pictures. Time flies too quickly. I often wonder where my baby went.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Potty Training

I know that Addison is only 2 1/2, but I am ready for her to be a big girl and go potty on her own. We have tried a time or two to potty train her, each with failed attempts.
Being the not so great mother that I am, I started using her toys and the things she enjoys to do against her. She wants to be a baby. (That is what she keeps telling me.) I told her that it was okay for her to be a baby, but if she really wants to be a baby, then she will have to do - or not do - the things that babies do. I told her that babies don't walk, run, jump, play with toys, drink chocolate and strawberry (pink at our house) milk. I told her that since she was a baby I would have to carry her everywhere and that she would just have to sit by my and not do anything. Needless to say, she did not like hearing ANY of that! I think the fact that she wouldn't be able to run, was probably the biggest issue for her.
This morning, I was changing Addison's diaper and she didn't like the way the diaper felt on her bum. (This has been a constant issue this week. She doesn't like the way they fit anymore.) After I put her clean diaper on, she asked for panties. I was thrilled! I was ecstatic! I was proud! My little girl wanted to wear panties!!!
She did really good for the first twenty minutes and then it happened. Her first accident of the day. She started to cry because she went poo poo in her panties and she wanted her diaper back. I told her that I was proud of her for telling me that she had an accident and that she could do this. I know she can do this! After that, she was really good about telling me that she needed to go potty.
We printed out a potty training chart and got out her prettiest heart stickers to put on her chart. I also went to the store and got her a stool to stand on in when she needs to wash her hands. So far, both the stickers and the stool have been a HUGE hit! I wouldn't be surprised if she asks to sleep with the stool tonight. She has been carrying it around since I brought it home and thinks she can do just about anything now that she has it!

It is only 8:00 PM and this is the progress that we've made so far today. Seven heart stickers and only 3 panty changes. I am really proud of my little/big girl!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

A Cookie A Day...

Addison and I were making cookies for a little party that my mom was hosting for the little girls. My mother in law got Addison this little apron and chefs hat and I think it looks A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E on her! Since it looks so cute on her, I made her wear it the whole time we were cutting out cookies.

I love her little happy smile!
I think this little one ate more cookie dough than she rolled out! Uncooked eggs are okay for little under-developed immune systems, right?

Again, that little happy smile makes me smile EVERY time I see it!
After Addi ate breakfast, she asked for a cookie. I thought it was alright to give her one, since she did eat a nutritious breakfast of three pears. I handed her a little cookie with frosting, but she said "No Mama! I want the big cookie!" {The night before, the little girls got to make a big heart sugar cookie for their daddies - Since it was Valentines and all. (And what little girl doesn't adore their daddy?)} Anyway, the big cookie that she was referring to was her daddy's cookie that she had made for him. After she asked his permission (and of course he said yes) she asked to sit in her high chair. Long story short, she wanted to eat her cookie like a puppy. Who could say no to that?
This is what her cute little face looked like when she finally came up for air. Both Randy and I were laughing our guts out. (And as you can see by her face, she thought she was pretty funny too!)
P.S. Sorry for the poor picture quality. These were taken from my cell phone. Eventually, one day, I will get a new camera.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

It's Party Time

My friend does a lot of updates on her blog about her little girl and I am going to try and copy the way she does it.

2/6-Randy had gotten up from bed to go answer his cell phone. While he was talking to his friend downstairs on the phone, Addison was laying in our bed all by herself. After a few minutes of Randy not being there with her she starts yelling "DADDY!" "DADDY, WHERE ARE YOU?" "DADDY, COME READ A BOOK TO ME!" She was yelling for a few minutes and I was trying really hard to stiffle my giggles. When finally she yelled "DADDY!!! I'M TALKING TO YOU!!!" I couldn't contain it any more. I was laughing so hard. She has such sass!

2/9-Addison and I were quickly going through WalMart to find an item, Addison saw all the Valentine balloons they had up and quickly exclaimed "IT'S PARTY TIME!!!

2/10-Addison was frosting a cookie for her dad {for 30 minutes, no lie} and I asked her if she loved her daddy. Her response was "Yes, he's my hero". Melted my heart right then and there!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Cake Decorating, Pt. 3

In getting ready for our final class in Course 1, my mom and I made little drop flowers to put on our cakes. We had a few mishaps, but overall, I think they turned out really great!
(And Addison had a blast eating the leftover frosting!)

Practicing making leaves.
Mine didn't turn out very well, but I think that was because I didn't follow the instructions and mix my frosting with piping gel. Oh well, the mistakes we make!
Practicing making bows.
These were actually easier than I thought they would be. I think I could do this one again!
The final cake!
(I never thought I would say that I was completely caked out, but I am!)
We had to make three "Wilton" roses to put on our cake. I cheated and had the instructor "show" me how to make one, and then used hers on my cake. (Don't tell...hehehe)
I think I got the idea about what I was doing once I thinned my stiff consistency frosting out. (Way to stiff for me!) About the time that I got it figured out, my piping bag burst and there was frosting everywhere. Too much fun for me! But I think the cake turned out really pretty.
Since I was all caked out, I gave my cake to my neighbor who is on bed rest with her sixth child. She sent me a Thank You card and said in it that her other 5 kids think that I should make their birthday cakes. I would not say that I am nearly good enough to start making cakes professionaly (no Ace of Cakes in my future), but I will take the compliment!

Stay tuned for next weeks installment of cake decorating for dummies with Jenifer!