Thursday, March 25, 2010

Nap Time...

In the bathtub?

While I was getting ready today, Addison told me she wanted to sleep in the bathtub. I just laughed and said "go for it". She ran to get her princess pillow and her kitty named Pinky, came back and climbed in my bathtub. Silly girl!

{Yes sorry! That is my hand in the way!}

Gosh, I just love that beautiful little face!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Lipstick Jungle

While I was getting ready, my little princess thought she needed to get ready too!
Do you think she needs anymore lipstick?

Well...she thought she did!
Doesn't she look pretty?

Friday, March 19, 2010


The other night when Addison was in the tub, she wanted me to take pictures of her silliness new hats. These hats are available for purchase if you are willing to shell out a boat load of both cash and kisses.

The Octopus Hat

The Alligator Hat

The Alligator Hat with "Yo Gabba Gabba" Face

The Alligator Hat with Sad Face

The Alligator Hat with Silly Face

The Invisible Hat with the Just Plain Silly Face

And Introducing The New and Improved Disposable Cup Hat

If you mention this ad when purchasing your silly new hat(s) you will get extra kisses for half price.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Priceless Tidbits

3/2 - I was feeling a little nauseated and was in the bathroom being sick. My little cheering section came and put her face in the toilet next to mine and kept telling me "You can do it, Mama!" and when I finally did it, she said "Yay Mama! You did it! I knew you could do it!" and patted me on the back. (If she ever decides to go into coaching, I know she will do a fantastic job!) It is nice to have your own cheering section, but there are some times when you need a moment to yourself!
3/4 - Addison was playing at her cousins house and told "Ancy" (Aunt Nancy) that she had a sick belly. Nancy asked her why her belly was sick and Addison told her it was because she had a baby in her belly! :)
3/9 - Addison was walking with her baby and stroller and came into my room where I was folding laundry. She told me that she was the 'Mommy' and that I was the 'Daddy'. I said "If I am the Daddy, then you need to come over here and give me a kiss." She looked at me as if I were ccrraazzy and said "You're naughty" and stormed out of the room.
3/15 - Addison has been watching a lot of "Planet 51" in the car when we go places. I still have yet to see this movie, but it talks about zombies. The zombies are people who don't feel any pain and side with the "aliens". (I'm assuming. I've only heard the movie, not seen it.) Addison asked me to chase her and so as I was chasing her, I told her that I was a zombie and that I eat little girls. Once I caught her, she looked at me with such distress and said "Zombies don't eat little girls, they only eat little boys!" How could I try and eat her after that? So, I had to restort to kissing my little alien baby!

Thursday, March 11, 2010


we decided that since we like this little girl so much...

why not try again?

And this is what happened...

Yes, we are doing it again!
Baby #2 is due September 24th.

I am 12 weeks along right now {and showing WAY too much already}.

We are all so excited to have this new addition join our family!!! {Okay, that is a lie. Addison is still not quite on board with all of this, but I have a feeling that she will be a FANTASTIC big sister!}

Friday, March 5, 2010

Cake Decorating - The Finale

You know it has been a long time since you uploaded photos into blogger when it takes you three times to get the photos in the order that you want! {This post was going to be up two days ago!}

We have finally finished Course 2 - Wilton Cake Decorating. All I can say is YEE HAW! I have never been so tired of cake or frosting in my life!

Pondering what I want our final cake to look like. I look like I am seriously concentrating!
Trying {key word: trying} to perfect my rosebuds. Please don't ask me to make one for you because you will be highly disappointed.
Working on the basket weave for the cake. I thought this was something that was going to take a lot of time and very hard to do.
Pleasantly I was surprised at how easy it was. I will definately use this technique again.

This is what our final cake looked like. {When I say "we" and "our" I mean my mother and I.}
I think it turned out really well. We ended up using our "ugly" flowers on this cake, since we knew that we needed to make a cake for my mother's RPAC auction that was coming up.


This is the cake that we made earlier this week for the RPAC auction. We had our cake decorating instructor help us out on it {we wanted to raise a lot of money with it}. I think it turned out really beautifully.

Don't ask how much money this cake made. I was both disappointed and upset!