Saturday, May 9, 2009


Here are some random photos that we have taken.  I am just too lazy to upload and post them when I take them, so sorry about the long post. 

I am too slow to actually capture Addison in motion, but Addison was giving her cousin's Libby and Isaac kisses on their head. She is such a sweet girl!
Addison went to a princess party and right away found the trampoline.  She got herself up the ladder and onto the trampoline all by herself.  She is growing up WAY too fast.
Check out this hair.  She could give Albert Einstein a run for his money with that hair!

Addison helped me make focaccia bread. She was such a good little helper in the kitchen. She helped me saute the onions, grease the cookie sheet and sprinkle herbs on the dough. It was pretty funny though, because she would NOT touch the dough. In fact, she started to cry a little when I touched the dough.  
Addison is saying "I could devour this whole loaf all by myself".
"Don't look mom! I just need a little taste!"
"Just a little bit more. Don't tell!"
FYI: This loaf of focaccia lasted about a whole half hour, before it was completely devoured (and not just by Addison)!


Deon said...

Lucky Addison for having a mommy who exposes her to some of the finer things in life--like foccacia bread! (Wonderbread does have it's place in life, but it is in a completely different food group than homemade herbed bread!)

Gwyl said...

The bread looks good. And I'm sure if it wasn't Addi wouldn't have gone back for seconds and thirds.

Ashley said...

SCARY DOUGH!!! I'm glad the bread turned out. It looks good! I love the hair picture!

Beth said...

I can't wait for you to make me some bread! Does this bread remind Addi of croutons at Micky D's?

P.S. I love the hair!

Brian and chelsea said...

Dang it, I should've tried some when I had the chance!
I love the pic of her giving kisses - she reallyreally is a sweet girl (when she wants to be, right!)

Holly said...

Addison looks strawberry-blonde! What's up with that. She is such a big girl. The bread looks wonderful....I wish I had the patience to let my kids help me cook. You're such a good mom!