Sunday, September 6, 2009


The highlight of our Kansas trip was catching a frog. Addison and her little cousins caught this frog all by themselves and just had a blast playing with him.

Show mommy the frog.

Froggy is trying to escape. I would try harder, if I were him!
This is what it looks like to be a frog and be squeezed to death by a two year old!

Think you can get away from us frog? Think again! Three against one! Even the baby is in on the action
Don't you get away from me, frog!

Aunt Cheryl found pity on the frog (probably because I was hyperventilating, because the kids kept throwing, dropping and jumping on the frog) and put him down the drain. I have a feeling the frog is sitting at the bottom of the drain thinking "Aw, peace...finally!!!"


Ashley said...

Cracking me up! That poor frog lying on his back when Addi puts him down..."I give up", he's thinking. I like how she was screaming but wouldn't let him go!

Brian and chelsea said...

That's hilarious! And sad too - that poor frog! He's lucky to still be alive! I'm sure that made her day - I bet she'll be talking about that frog for awhile!

Jenni Elyse said...

Poor frog! But, fun for the kids. ;)

Beth said...

I think the frog was playing dead, for reals! I loved Addi jumping just like the frog to catch him when he was trying to hop for freedom!

hot garlic said...

Thanks for your comment about my daughter's party! I would LOVE to cater, what a fun job that would be. Especially if you could specialize in cute fabulous parties for sweet little princesses only. I think it would be far less stressful to cater for someone else other than me anyway! Maybe someday... thanks again!