Thursday, December 3, 2009

Date Night

This is what date/movie night looks like at our house.
First, you have to get food that you know your child won't eat. Randy & I decided to go Thai.
Who doesn't love Green Curry (Besides Addison)?

Second, you have to get the right movie. Addison chose "Daffy Ducks Fantastic Island" circa 1983.
(I think she chose this movie because of the green curry incident.)

Thirdly, you have to get popcorn and snuggle with the daddy.
Fourth, you need to tell mommy "GO AWAY!!!"

Fifth (and this is the key to a very successful date/movie night) you have to eat the popcorn right out of the bowl just like a puppy! This is a very important step that you must not leave out!

Addison was showing off all of her faces.

This is her "happy" face.
This is her "sad" face.
And this is her "silly" face.
Addison has many face and I love all of them!


Beth said...

Date night looks like it was a success! Especially if you are a puppy! I love all the faces of Addi!

Ashley said...

Mmm, did you make that green curry yourself? I need to get the recipe! Addi puppy is so funny!

Deon said...

But wait! Where are the photographs of you and Randy eating the popcorn right out of the bowl just like a puppy? As you said yourself, THIS IS KEY! C'mon! Cough up those photos! We all know you have them.

. . . we're waiting . . .

Seriously, though, you guys make the cutest little family. Addison is one extremely lucky girl!

Nick and Jen said...

Super cute! Looks like a lot of fun! We will have to try that!

sherman and juliette said...

Looks like date night was a hit! Little Addi is just as cute as ever! By the looks of it Katelyn would love to play with Addi! Someday!

Jenni Elyse said...

I'm with Addi on the Thai food. But, that's the only thing I'm with her on when it comes to food, lol.

Um, one of these nights, you need to have a date night without the puppy.

I love the pictures of Addi's faces. So cute!

Gwyl said...

Oh the cute faces of Addi. I hope your date night was fun.

Gabaldon said...

That looks like tons of fun!!!!

Addi is getting so big she is so cute!!!

Brian and chelsea said...

uuhhhhh... bestest post EVER!