Monday, March 15, 2010

Priceless Tidbits

3/2 - I was feeling a little nauseated and was in the bathroom being sick. My little cheering section came and put her face in the toilet next to mine and kept telling me "You can do it, Mama!" and when I finally did it, she said "Yay Mama! You did it! I knew you could do it!" and patted me on the back. (If she ever decides to go into coaching, I know she will do a fantastic job!) It is nice to have your own cheering section, but there are some times when you need a moment to yourself!
3/4 - Addison was playing at her cousins house and told "Ancy" (Aunt Nancy) that she had a sick belly. Nancy asked her why her belly was sick and Addison told her it was because she had a baby in her belly! :)
3/9 - Addison was walking with her baby and stroller and came into my room where I was folding laundry. She told me that she was the 'Mommy' and that I was the 'Daddy'. I said "If I am the Daddy, then you need to come over here and give me a kiss." She looked at me as if I were ccrraazzy and said "You're naughty" and stormed out of the room.
3/15 - Addison has been watching a lot of "Planet 51" in the car when we go places. I still have yet to see this movie, but it talks about zombies. The zombies are people who don't feel any pain and side with the "aliens". (I'm assuming. I've only heard the movie, not seen it.) Addison asked me to chase her and so as I was chasing her, I told her that I was a zombie and that I eat little girls. Once I caught her, she looked at me with such distress and said "Zombies don't eat little girls, they only eat little boys!" How could I try and eat her after that? So, I had to restort to kissing my little alien baby!


Lindsay said...

you've got a great little girl there :) i think the "cheering section" is definitely the cutest thing i've heard in days!

Gwyl said...

So smart and quick to pick up on things.

Beth said...

Yes, Addi told me all about mommy "spitting" in the toilet! No wonder she is having such a hard time with potty training! Why in the world would she want to sit on something that people spit into! LOL!

the gilson girls said...

my girls watched Chicken Little in the car for years, it was the first dvd they every got, and the only for such a long time. Anyways, I could repeat the movie line by line but I never saw even one scene.

Nick and Jen said...

She is too cute! She really is going to be a great big sister...she is already practicing!

Love your new blog look!

Brian and chelsea said...

Hah - love reading these! Fav is the "naughty" comment. Apparently you and Randy have been VERY naughty lately! Sorry to hear you've been sick - hope it goes away soon!