Thursday, March 17, 2011

Olive, Jade, Emerald, Lime...

... In other words, Green

(Just ignore this picture. It should be at the bottom by the videos.)
For Breakfast this morning, Addison's Mom made her green milk
Green Yogurt
(Key Lime - Her favorite)
She was beyond thrilled at all of the green. Even the straw for her milk was green.
Okay, truth be told, I think she was really just excited that I let her use our "real" dishes and not the kids dishes.
Green Bell Pepper Wrapped Egg
(I know it is more like a 5 leaf clover, but the husband didn't seem to care)
Randy's Breakfast.
Pepper wrapped eggs and fresh kiwi fruit.
For dinner, I was trying to keep the green theme going, but didn't quite succeed.
Garlic Biscuits with GREEN parsley on top.
Steamed potatoes with GREEN rosemary, and parsley
And then there is this. Just your plain ole' rotisserie chicken from your local grocer.
(I was getting lazy!)
But the cutest green things of the day were these two.

Love her!!!
She's trying to smile at the camera.
I love her too!
Paige was BEYOND tired and ready for bed.
Note to self: Do pictures with the girls together earlier in the day when they are both a little less ornery!
Addison and Paige got their first experiences with pickles today. (Okay, Addi would go to town on them when she was younger. But as she has gotten older, she has gotten more and more scared of food.)


Gwyl said...

You really did the green thing. Looking at your food for the day makes me hungry.

So were the pickles sweet or dill?

Jen said...

Can't you tell by their expressions that they were dill? Is there any other way to go? Sweet pickles = gross!

Chad and Stacey said...

Wow way to go with all the green food! I didn't do one single thing for the "holiday".
Paige is getting so big!!

Jenni Elyse said...

My friend put green food coloring in her kids' milk too and they wouldn't go near it. Her kids range from 4 to 12. I thought the older ones would at least give it a try. I always loved it when my mom dyed things green for St. Paddy's Day.

The green pepper egg looks really yummy! I'm going to have to try that!

Briar said...

You think paige liked it? Its hard to say cause her face said "get this away" but she kept going back in for more. I love that she licked it first.

GO Addison for giving it a try! Of all the green veggies to try- she chooses pickles. Go figure.

Robyn and Blake said...

Look at you! All that food looks gourmet. We need to have another recipe exchange so I can get the recipes!

Pattersonfamilyof4 said...

Wowza! We wore gree and that's about as St.Paddy's as we got around here. You are awesome!

Beth said...

You always loved your green eggs and green milk and all the other green foods for St Pat's day when you were growing up! Good job passing on the tradition! The girls look adorable in their green outfits, love Paige's shamrocks! Now, the pickles, that is a whole different story! From Addi's face, I don't think she really, really likes it!

Page said...

Looks like a really fun St. Patrick's Day. It is a holiday you can hav a lot of fun with! Ps Paige is sooo adorable and PPS Thanks for still checking in on us as I SLOWLY catch up!