Sunday, January 1, 2012

Broken Resolutions

Everyone seems Gung-Ho this time of year about listing their New Years resolutions.

Well, I am a realist. I know darn well that if I make a resolution, I am going to break it. So I am going to share with you some of my past resolutions...all in which I have broken. Just keeping it real people, just keeping it real. yeah, that's a joke!

STOP EATING CHOCOLATE...who was I kidding with that one?

HAVE MORE PATIENCE...that one lasted about 2 seconds.

MAKE A WEEKLY DINNER MENU...well maybe, just maybe, I like going to the grocery store four times a THERE!

SAVE MORE MONEY...Wal-Mart would be VERY upset with me if I had stuck with that one.

HAVE MORE SELF CONFIDENCE...I wasted my pretty years thinking I was fat and ugly. If I only knew...if I only knew. I still avoid the bathroom mirror on the way into the shower.

STOP BEING A PESSIMIST...but my glass is half empty. If you fill it up, I will be happy.

TRY TO REMEMBER PEOPLES NAMES...oh, I am sorry, what did you say your name was???

Well, I am sure there are a thousand more resolutions I forgot. Oh, that's another one...HAVE A BETTER MEMORY!