Monday, March 2, 2009

Josie Morris's Cabin

Ever since we moved to Vernal, Randy has wanted to find Josie Morris's cabin. So yesterday, we took our weekly drive and decided to find the elusive (elusive to us) cabin.  We had to take a road up by Dinosaur National Monument. It was pretty neat. Josie was born in the early 1870's and in 1916 she homesteaded Cub Creek. She lived their until her death in 1964.  The cabin still stands as does her chicken coop. Considering that the cabin is in the general area of Dinosaur Monument, I would have expected they would keep the cabin in better shape than it was. 
(If you click on the picture below, it should pop up in another window large enough for you to read the plaque.)
I think Josie was a very strong brave woman. I don't know that I could live without my world-ly belongings. At least not by my own choosing.  Randy, however, wanted to move in that afternoon!
Josie's Cabin 
Chicken Coop
Can you tell that I love pictures with Randy walking with his baby girl?  
I had to take a picture of Randy's shoes.  We went on a little hike (Addison was sick, so we didn't get too far) and when we were on our way back, I looked down and started to laugh.  These are Randy's house slippers!


Beth said...

I am still laughing about the slippers! You really did marry your father!

Gwyl said...

Cute pictures and very comfortable looking slippers. I want a pair!