Saturday, October 3, 2009


The other day, we were at my mom's house and she gave Addison some Princess fruit snacks. The only color that Addi would eat were the blue ones. My funny little girl does not like to keep her tongue in her mouth. (She thinks she's a puppy!) This evening was not so different. I started laughing because her tongue was blue. Addison ran to the mirror to check out her tongue and after that, it was ALL down hill. There was NO WAY that we were going to keep that tongue in her mouth. She loved her blue tongue SO much that she even posed for picture!

FYI: For those wondering, I canned 29 quarts of tomatoes the other day. I would post pictures, but Randy had my camera with him. (Sorry, I'm pretty proud of myself! I know, being prideful is a sin, but what do you do?)
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Ashley said...

Well, I am proud of your 20 QUARTS of tomatoes!! Way to go!

And look how proud Addi is of her blue tongue. I think if I was that young I would have been scared that it was dyed permanently!

Beth said...

When I showed her the pictures of her blue tongue, she ran immediately to the mirror and stuck her tongue out! She ran back into the kitchen shouting "I want snacks, I want snacks'! She intently chewed her snack and ran back to the mirror to check out her tongue!

Brian and chelsea said...

Is this a Picasa collage? I love that program!
And stating how many quarts of tomatoes you canned is not a sin - it's simply stating a fact. Like stating how cute Addi is!

Gabaldon said...

Dang you go girl!!! Canning all of that, geez, I wish I was that good!

To cute Addi's little tongue!

Holly said...

I love the blue cute. I can't believe how big she is getting. She was nearly bald and wouldn't walk when I met you guys. Now look at her...precious. I bet she knows it too (lol):).