Wednesday, April 7, 2010


3/20 - Let me set the stage: Addi and I were driving in Daddy's car (my old Ford Escort). The Escort doesn't have the factory tinted windows that my Expedition has, nor does it have the room, so Addison's car seat was placed next to the window in the backseat instead of the middle seat like it is in the Expedition. Addison is kind of a drama queen and doesn't like the sun to be in her eyes while we are in the car. The sun is fine when we are outside playing, but heaven forbid the sun be in her eyes in the car.
Anywho, the sun was in her eyes and I handed Addison her cute little sunglasses. They apparently were not working to her liking, so she started screaming at the sun "GO AWAY SUN! GO AWAY!". I said to Addison "Be nice to the sun, we love the sunshine!" Addison's response to me was (said very dramatically, mind you) "I don't love the sun! You love the sun! I love the moon!"
3/24 - Addison has a cute pink play princess phone. The cute little girl ran into my room where I was and held her phone up to me and said "I need to call the mermaid now. Okay mom?"

***Took time off to be with family. I forgot to write down Addi's funnies!***

4/7 - I told Addison that we should get in the tubby because it was getting late and her eyes were starting to look tired. She looked at me with bright, wide open eyes and said "There not tired! Look! See!"


Gwyl said...

You are right about Addi and the sun while in a car. I've seen this first hand. She doesn't like the sun in her eyes but she sure is cute with her little sun glasses on.

Briar said...

So cute- this makes me even more excited for Sarynn to start really talking!!

Deon said...

Won't it be so fun to hear what Addi has to say to the new baby! I bet you'll get some good quotes out of her then :D She's going to love being a big sister!

Beth said...

What a totally cute little Princess! Her Damma loves her tons!

Ashley said...

I remember an Addi funny from Easter! She collected as many rubber lizards as she could from the Easter eggs, and held on to them tight! She wouldn't even let go as Uncle Bret took her for a tractor ride!

Page said...

Thanks for checking out my new political blog! I am really trying to get involved right now and get real information out, not just the drab and lies the mainstream media produces! Sorry I am sooo far behind right now but seriously trying to catch up. So your little girl is so stinking cute!! It's great you're writing down all the cute little things she says. Congratulations on the new addition, I bet your not that huge, you just feel huge ( : Hope the puking stops soon, and PS your cake was gorgeous!! It was good to catch up!