Friday, April 30, 2010

Random Ramblings

I have not been keeping up with the cute things that Addison has been saying lately. It kind of makes me sad/mad at myself. I hope that all of you can forgive me as well.

4/23 - I had had a super bad head cold the day before. I think it was a just a build up of sinus pressure. (Gotta love allergy season!) While Addison and I were laying in bed trying to wake up, she gingerly placed her hand on my cheek and asked "Are you all better Mama?". I love, love, love what a tender little heart this girl has.

4/23 - Addison and I were shopping with Papa at Kohl's and there was another woman there with a little girl about Addison's age. When we were preparing to leave, the woman started calling "Addison. Addison." Addison stopped looked at me and asked "Why is that lady calling me, Mama?"

4/26 - Addison has had a hard time with her daddy being away. She has cried everynight before bed for her daddy. And whenever she gets into trouble for something that she knows she shouldn't be doing she starts crying "I want my daddy!". This morning as I was driving into town, Addison piped up in the backseat out of the blue "I'm not going to cry for daddy today, Mama." I started to laugh from the frontseat when Addison asked me "Are you laughing at me Mama?" All I could say in between my giggles was "No, I'm not laughing at you. I am just very glad that I'm your Mama."

4/27 - I was cleaning up the dishes and scrubbing down the sink when Addison told me that she needed to watch me. She grabbed one of her little chairs and dragged it over to the sink where I was standing. All of the sudden I hear "Good job Mama! Good Job!"

4/27 - Tonight the power went out WHILE Addison was in the bathtub. Thank goodness I was right there. I can't imagine what would have happened if I weren't because Little Chica totally started freaking out saying "Mama, where are you? I can't see yours face." {I love how she adds S's onto her words.} Once I got her out of the tub, I saw the pilot light for our fireplace glowing from the living room. I wasn't sure whether or not it would work and give us some light since you have to turn it on from a wall switch, but miraculously it worked! Once I got the fireplace going, I went to find a flashlight. The only one we have is a princess on that her little friends Carson and Julia gave her. The batteries were dead and while I was changing the batteries in the flashlight, I heard Addison exclaim "Mama! I see a couch! Mama! I see you!!!" Once I got Addison settled down and she realized that we can see with the flashlight, she totally took the lead. She grabbed the flashlight and said "follow me". I asked her where we were going and she said "to yours room." When we got to my room, she told me that we were okay and that "there aren't any monsters in here." Thank goodness!!! We climbed into bed and I could tell she was still a little terrified. We said a prayer and while I was helping her say her prayer, she started whimpering and crying a little bit. I snuggled next to her and she held me tight while she fell asleep. I moved a little away from her to grab my cell phone which was vibrating because a text had come in. She grabbed ahold of me tightly and said "don't go Mama. Don't go". I'm not going anywhere little one. I love my little girl and am so glad that I get to be her Mama!

4/28 - I have this HUGE addiction to a Facebook game called "Bubble Town". It is insane how addicted I am to it. While Addison was in the tub, I grabbed my laptop and started playing while also keeping an eye on her. After a few minutes of me playing this was the question Addison asked me "Mom, are yous playing your dumb game again?"

4/29 - I think Addison is so used to having me around because after we picked Randy up from the airport {YAY!!!}, she would only talk to me. She kept asking me "Mommy? Daddy driving?" Mommy, where's Daddy's house?" It was really quite cute to hear her ask me questions about her Daddy when he was sitting right there!


Gwyl said...

Cool update. And you can now add that Randy is home. The picture of little Addi you have on this post is really special.

Beth said...

That Addi girl is the cutest! I love all the sayings of Addi!!!

Ashley said...

"Don't go, mama, don't go" SWEET!

Deon said...

Hahahahaha! If you knew how many times I would sit in our car absolutely dumbfounded by the fact that my kids would ask me a question they wanted their dad to answer when he was actually sitting right next to me! I sometimes felt like a clearinghouse for them and their dad. I can so relate :)

The picture of Addison is so cute!

The Gilson Girls said...

Isn't it amazing at how much they trust you and find security in just being near you?

Chelsea M said...

I love that she called it a dumb game! And that she cheered you on while doing dishes. I wouldn't mind a little of that!