Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Birthday

On Friday, Addison had her 3rd birthday. I can not believe that my little baby girl is now three! She earned herself a butterfly cake. As mentioned in previous posts (click here and here), Addison wanted a butterfly birthday cake for getting potty trained. I was more than happy to spend many, many hours on this cake in return for not having to change another poopy diaper! :)

Addison's cute little cousin Kylee wanted a picture with Addison. Aren't they both adorable?
Addison opening some of her birthday presents. Her cousins wanted to help her really badly, but she was not about to share in the fun of tearing the wrapping paper into tiny, tiny, tiny little pieces. We were all having a good laugh at the dainty little pieces she was tearing off. Needless to say, we were opening presents for quite a while.

Addison's aunts Nancy and Shirley were nice enough to get her a pinata. I thought it was very sweet of them to think of her on her special day. This was Addison's first time with a pinata and had such a blast with it. All of the kids had a good time taking the bat to the pinata and all of the adults were having a good time laughing at the kids taking the bat to the pinata! :)

Cute butterfly cake with 3 candles. I am still trying to wrap my mind around Addison being three. Where did the time go? The past three years have just flown by so quickly...kind of like a butterfly zipping right past you! {Bad joke, I know!}
Video of Addison going to town on the pinata. I love her dainty little swings she was taking with the bat.

After the pinata was broken, all of the kids went for the prizes on the inside. Here is Addison throwing a fit because she stole all the squirter rings and wouldn't share with anyone else.

Happy Birthday to you Baby Girl!

We love you so much Addison and are extremely grateful that you are apart of our eternal family!!!


Jenni Elyse said...

I'm glad she had a good birthday! Her cake is so very cute! Good job!

Gwyl said...

Happy Birthday Addi. It looks like you had a great time. i like the pinata workout.

Chelsea M said...

Wow - she's 3! That just seems so old, seriously.... good thing you have another baby coming to fill the baby-void!
That cake is adorable! So pretty.

Deon said...

Are you teaching the cake decorating classes now? Cuz, this cake is picture-perfect! So cute!

Happy birthday, Addi!

Meg 'n Heath said...

How fun! Happy Birthday! she is so cute i cant believe how big she is.

Kaylee said...

Happy Birthday, Addison! Great job on the cake, Jen!

Pattersonfamilyof4 said...

Looks like she was a happy birthday girl! Did she get Wy's present? He was very particular and insisted that Addi needed a horse.

Sara said...

Looks like Addison had a fun birthday! The cute looks so cute! Nice job!

Ashley said...

That is an adorable cake! I can't believe she is so old. Now you need to add a 3-year-old picture to your side bar. Happy Birthday Addison!