Sunday, July 4, 2010

Officially Potty Trained

Week 1

This was our first week at potty training. As I have mentioned in an earlier post, we started potty training on the Friday, but I kept her in a pull up all day. She went potty once (hence the one star), so on Saturday, Randy and I decided to stay home and just let her run around in just panties. She did so great at recognizing when she had to go potty! During week 1, we only had one accident and it didn't quite count as an accident. She needed to go potty and told us, but didn't quite make it to the potty in time. As Addison would and has said, "The pee was faster than me".

Week 2

There were a couple of days that I hounded Addison to go potty and she didn't need to. Those were the days that she only got four smiley faces. I think that she didn't go too much because I have not given her enough to drink. It kind of scared me (and still does) that we would go somewhere and have an accident or not be able to make it to a bathroom in time.

Week 3

Addison has got such great self control. She is getting so much better at holding it until we get to a bathroom. There are times when she is having too much fun playing that she doesn't notice that she has to go until she has gone a little bit in her pants, but for the most part, she is doing amazingly well.
Both Randy and I are so proud of Addison. We didn't think that she would get potty trained as quickly as she has. We kind of joked that she would be 16 and still in diapers or depends! I totally believe that when a child is ready to be potty trained, they will get it quickly. I have also learned not to push the subject and to also have a great prize waiting at the end. Addison wants to go to school with her cousin Miles and have a butterfly cake for her birthday. I thought both of those were great goals to shoot for. This last week, I registered Addison for preshcool and for her birthday made her a really cute butterfly cake. Both are totally worth seeing my little girl grow into a big little girl!


Beth said...

Yeah Addi! The other day I wanted her to go potty before we got in the car, she told me that she wouldn't pee in my car seat! And she didn't! Smart little girl!

Chelsea M said...