Sunday, August 1, 2010

New Camera! YAY!!!

I FINALLY got my new camera! I am so excited. I still need to figure it out, but at least Addison has been a good sport about being my "muse".
I love the color of these day lilies on my front walk. I couldn't resist using my close up option on these beautiful flowers.

Addison was posing for me before church this morning. I absolutely love this beautiful, sweet, kind, loving little girl!

(She has not let go of this cat that her Grandma Jan gave her for Halloween in the past 24 hours. We had an incident last night where we thought it was lost at a friends house and let me tell you there was some major howling and crying involved {from both mother and child}. She even had to take witch cat to church with her this afternoon!)
She thought she would try on some of her silly faces for me!

This is her "What? You want to take my cat?" face.

Addison is looking all around for a flower to pick, since her mean mom won't let her pick the pretty day lilies.

Not sure this is my favorite face, but she has some pretty nostrils doesn't she?
Hopefully now that I have a new camera (or I should say a camera period) I will be motivated to post more often.


Briar said...

How long did you go with out one?
I wish I had a red head :(

Lindsay said...

am i dense or what? i totally didn't realize addison had so much red in her hair. i love it! oh, the lilies are lovely too :)

Beth said...

I love all the many faces of Addison! What a great muse you have! Just wait though . . . she will be composing the photos for you too!

Gwyl said...

You camera works great. You take nice photos. I like your little model too. I'm holding you to the promise made above that we will see more posts of your family fun.

Jenni Elyse said...

Congratulations on the new camera! :)

Page said...

Oh how sweet! New cameras just have a way of making you take hundreds more pictures than actually neccesary! She is so gorgeous and I LOVE the ladybug picture! PS I know what you mean about the pregnancy pee!!

Sara said...

Yea a new camera, how fun. Just in time to figure it all out before the new baby.

Nick and Jen said...

Glad you got a new camera...that is always fun! Addison is getting so big!!! She such a pretty girl! Love the nostril picture! :)

Deon said...

I adore Addison's dress and bows!