Friday, August 13, 2010


While I was getting ready this morning, Addison called me into her playroom. She had all but 4 pieces of a 16 piece puzzle put together. She was at the end and starting to get frustrated and wanted my help. Being the fantastic Mom I am, I totally helped her grabbing my camera and recording her!

The fruit of Addison's labor.

Then Addison started getting all silly and putting her hand in the way, so that I wouldn't take a picture of her puzzle just her hand. Both she and I were laughing so hard at her silliness.
More pictures of Addison being silly! I sure do love this girl!!!
Can you tell she is laughing here?
I was dying! She is such a little jokester and pretty darn funny when she wants to be!


Gwyl said...

She is sure smart. Good job on the puzzle Addi.

Beth said...

A 3 year old putting together a puzzle! Brilliant!

Deon said...

This reminds me so much of Ashley! She looooved doing puzzles when she was Addi's age! And my nickname for her is "Sweat Pea" too! I love the fact that Addi had to take out the puzzle piece you finally placed for her, and then she put it back in herself! That looks very much like a first-born, independent response I saw in my own Sweat Pea :D

Nick and Jen said...

Way to go Addi!!! Her hair is getting so long! I love it! What a cutie!