Sunday, November 14, 2010

And The Winner Is...

... Stacey Jenkins!!!
(who guessed 6 pounds 2 ounces)

Paige's weight at six weeks was 6 pounds 9 ounces!

I was thrilled beyond belief when the scale read her weight. I have said that I want a child who will eat me out of house and home. I think I have that child! She is such a good little eater. She almost looks like a normal baby at this point. We (Paige and Addison) go to the doctor tomorrow for a two month and 3 year check up (respectably) so we will see if she is on the scale yet.

Stacey, let me know when you would like to receive your prize! I can mail you the box of Cap'n Crunch, but if you choose cuddle time with Paige, you will need to come and get that personally! (I'm not sure Fed Ex or USPS would appreciate a screaming baby in a box!)


Chelsea M said...

NICE! I love the feeling of good growth progress! And it sounds like breastfeeding is going well for you? Yay! I would totally choose cuddle time I was the winner. Cuddling with babies is the best. I love the pics and 6 week update below!! Time for MORE PICTURES! :)

Chad and Stacey said...

OOO I totally choose cuddle time!!! But I'm sure I'd get that even if I didn't win right?
I'm glad she's gaining weight and doing so well!
We can't wait to see her in person!

Ashley said...

Good for you Paige! And Jen! Two months old already?? I know you're not doing another contest, but this time I'm guessing 7 lbs. 5oz. She's such a beautiful little girl.

Pattersonfamilyof4 said...

Way to go Paige!

Beth said...

To say that Pip is a screaming baby is just plain, down right, over the top, an exaggeration! She is such a sweet little girl! She only cries because she is growing so quickly, she has a hungry tummy! Bring her over to Grandma's, I will feed her! Plump her right up!