Friday, February 4, 2011

Cupcake Love

We had friends come to the house today and they brought delicious cupcakes with them.

This is how Addison eats her cupcake. One lickful of icing at a time!
I love that this is her very favorite shirt! Her mom DOES rock!
Of course, we had to have extra sprinkles on our cupcakes!
It is so hard to get a smiling picture of this little girl. Seriously, every time I would take a picture, the flash would startle her adorable smile right off her face.

I love that when she is happy, she spits bubbles at me!

(click on the image below to check out her cute bubbles. I sure do love my slobbery girl!)


Briar said...

certainly a successful playdate

Beth said...

Paige is so cute when she blows her little bubbles and coos! Yep! Addi is a cupcake monster!

Gwyl said...

Yes Addi eats one crumb at a time. Hmmm reminders me of her mother! :-) Paige sure looks more grown up and she does love her bubbles.

Chelsea said...

SO CUTE! Is Paige a redhead??