Friday, February 11, 2011

Love, Love, Love

Here we have another post with picture overload. I can't ever seem to choose which photos to post, so I am posting them all.
They're cute kids, so you're not complaining.
Are you?!?

My sweet friend Briar came over for a playdate with her two kids and ended up taking pictures of my kids. {I love when she is in a picture taking mood!}
I think these photos turned out so, so, so good!
I went to bed with a huge, happy smile on my face! :)

How can you not love this girl?
She is SUCH a sweet and loving little girl!!!

I can not believe that Briar captured something that I have been trying for weeks to capture...Paige's sweet smile!
I love, love, love her smile! {Especially the double chin that she inherited from me. Too bad it doesn't look this cute on me!}

I think this photo right here is my most favorite photo of all time! I just look at it and smile. Love, love, love that Addison loves her sister so much! She is CONSTANTLY giving Paige hugs and kisses...much to Paige's chagrin. I hope with all of my heart that these two amazing little ladies end up being each other's best friends. That is and always will be my goal in this life. I know that I am repeating myself, but I really do hope that they know how lucky they are to have a sister!
I am beyond excited to get these pictures printed and hang them all over my house. We are going to have to get a bigger house with more wall space if Briar keeps getting into these picture taking moods! Thank you Briar! They are AMAZING!!!


Juliette said...

I LOVE that last one! Your girls are so sweet! Your friend did a great job!

Jenni Elyse said...

The pictures are very cute! Paige's smile is precious. I love the last picture of the two girls together.

Briar said...

These are my favorite too!
You are so good to actually print pics..... I wish I were better at that.

Just another thing on my to do list.

Beth said...

These pics are adorable! I want some for my house too!

Gwyl said...

Addison does love her little sister. These little girls are precious. Paige is growing up so fast.

Pattersonfamilyof4 said...

Ahhh, so sweet!