Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Lagoon...What Fun Is!!!

This past Saturday, Randy's employer sponsored a Lagoon Day for all of their Bear River employees. We had known about this day for the past four + weeks and to say Addison was beyond excited is an understatement. We kept watching videos about Lagoon on YouTube and looking at images online. This has been an incentive for her to continue going pee pee in the potty. {We are going to have to bribe her to go potty for the rest of her life, I think.}

Addison has been talking about going on Puff the Magic Fire Dragon for such a long time. We thought for sure that would be the first ride she wanted to go on. We got in line for a ride that we thought was Puff. Turns out this particular ride was called "Jumping Dragon". To say there is a difference between Puff and Jumping Dragon would be underplaying it. Jumping Dragon was WAY too fast for a three year old and she knew it. She did not want anything to do with this particular ride.

This is Addison and Randy posing in front of Jumping Dragon. Isn't my family adorable?

This is the first ride that Addison chose to go on. Both Randy and I were surprised that she wanted to go on a ride all by herself her first time out. But this little girl is so brave that it shouldn't have surprised us.
Randy took Addison on the Odysea. He said that she was a little scared at first about getting wet, but ended up loving it. Every time I saw her go by, she had a huge smile on her face!
We walked by a bunch of booths where you could win prizes and Addison saw a lot of kids with prizes so she obviously NEEDED a prize. Her mom was not about to spend $30 on a stupid bear, so I had to make sure that we found a booth with a "guaranteed" prize. We found one and Addison was so thrilled with her prize that she didn't care that the game was stupid. Frogger, as she has named him, has not been out of our sight since we got him. I think he is probably the best $2 prize we could have ever gotten!
We took a family Merry-Go-Round trip. Addison had to make sure that she got a "Princess Pony". Daddy got a horsey and Mama was on a giraffe. If you click on the image below, you will be able to see the humongous smile on her cute little face.
I will take a three hour boat ride with this little cutie any day of the week!
I think this is probably the ride that made me, the Mom, laugh the hardest. The lever on this helicopter will either move the ride up or down depending on the way you push or pull it. Addison was not understanding that you had to either push or pull. She was trying to do both at the same time and it made for a pretty bumpy ride. As you can see, she had Frogger with her on this ride. The first thing she said to me when I came to get her was "Frogger didn't jump out of the plane!". Already he is a well behaved frog! :)

Good thing we have another 13 years before this girl gets her drivers license. Hopefully she will be a better driver than she is now!

Bumper Cars from Jenifer Morris on Vimeo.

This is the ride that we have been waiting for! Randy said that she was just in heaven! He said that she was smiling and squealing the WHOLE time!
Since this was the first Proctor & Gamble event for the new plant here in Utah, the people who put together this event decided to have a cake done for their employees. It was huge!!! It was as big as a large picnic table. I thought they did a good job replicating the Charmin and the Bounty. (The whole cake was edible - a lot of people had to ask).
After we had dinner and cake, Addison decided that we needed to go on the Sky Ride. Was Addison scared? No!!! She was all the way to the front bar looking over the edge at everything below her. She thought she was the bees knees for being as high in the sky as the birds. Her mom, on the other hand, was terrified and didn't take any pictures or video of this ride simply because she didn't want to move for fear of throwing the contraption off balance!

We all had a fabulous day and are grateful for Proctor and Gamble for letting our family have these memories. We can't wait to do it again!

Pregnancy Update:
My ultrasound last Friday showed growth in the baby's head. It looks as though her head is more round than it had in the past. But other than that, not too much more growth. Her fluid levels are staying the same, which is good. The doctor said that if she drops below 7 cm, he will take her. {I told Addison that the doctor may take the baby early. She said that he couldn't take the baby. That she loved her and wanted to keep her!}
The non stress test came back good. I was only hooked up to the machine for 6 minutes when the nurse came in to check on me, looked at the printout and said "Oh, your baby has already passed." Meaning she had already had a couple of big movements. So as of right now, I am still enormously pregnant. I have another ultrasound/fluid check and non stress test on Friday. Hopefully we will know more then!


Gwyl said...

I'm glad Addi had a great time at Lagoon. Big smiles in every picture. Randy looked like he enjoyed some of the rides too.

The Gilson Girls said...

I hate that sky ride, and refuse to go on it! I don't mind rides that take you up high if they are fast, but the sky ride and the ferris wheel, no thanks! I would not have moved to take a picture either.

Awesome on the stress test! I was always hooked up for hours.

Jenni Elyse said...

It looks like you all had a great time at Lagoon. I haven't been in almost five years. I want to go again.

I'm glad you could have fun watching Addi since you couldn't go on any of the rides, other than the Merry-Go-Round.

Deon said...

I am so impressed with Addi and her lack of fear! I do the sky ride, but that is about my limit. No more Wild Mouse for me, missy! The last time I went on that I was literally screaming a prayer out loud, "Please, Heavenly Father, don't let me die! Please, Heavenly, Father, don't let me . . . " Go Addi!

And go you! Great news about the stress test! Keep us posted :D

Pattersonfamilyof4 said...

Looks like a fun time! And wahoo about the little girl in your belly. Keep going little one! You take care of yourself too.

Chelsea M said...

Fun! I haven't been there in years. I'll bring my kids someday (when I can get in free too! :)