Sunday, February 21, 2010


I was looking at old photos of Addison and realized that I never posted these.
I remember as a kid watching slide shows on my Grandma Bea's living room wall and always seeing pictures of the kids (my dad and his siblings) in the backyard. These pictures of Addison remind me so much of the pictures I used to see on the blank wall as a kid.

I don't even think Addison is a year old in these pictures. Time flies too quickly. I often wonder where my baby went.


Jenni Elyse said...

Time does fly by at whirlwind speeds. It's hard for me to believe Addi will be three in July. It's just a short time a way.

Nick and Jen said...

I have been running like crazy and haven't really gotten some free time to blog or really get on the computer! So I have to catch-up...but regarding this blog entry...She is so, so cute! It is so crazy how fast the time goes. You know you don't have babies anymore when you only spend 1 hour of church with your kids! It makes me sad...but happy as well to more fun times!

Beth said...

What a happy little girl! I think I'm having Addi withdrawals! Would you hurry and come over to my house!

Brian and chelsea said...

So cute! Yeah, they do grow up fast..

Guess you'll just have to get a new baby!

Deon said...

I love that swirl of hair on the back of Addison's head in the first pic. These truly are delish.