Saturday, February 13, 2010

A Cookie A Day...

Addison and I were making cookies for a little party that my mom was hosting for the little girls. My mother in law got Addison this little apron and chefs hat and I think it looks A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E on her! Since it looks so cute on her, I made her wear it the whole time we were cutting out cookies.

I love her little happy smile!
I think this little one ate more cookie dough than she rolled out! Uncooked eggs are okay for little under-developed immune systems, right?

Again, that little happy smile makes me smile EVERY time I see it!
After Addi ate breakfast, she asked for a cookie. I thought it was alright to give her one, since she did eat a nutritious breakfast of three pears. I handed her a little cookie with frosting, but she said "No Mama! I want the big cookie!" {The night before, the little girls got to make a big heart sugar cookie for their daddies - Since it was Valentines and all. (And what little girl doesn't adore their daddy?)} Anyway, the big cookie that she was referring to was her daddy's cookie that she had made for him. After she asked his permission (and of course he said yes) she asked to sit in her high chair. Long story short, she wanted to eat her cookie like a puppy. Who could say no to that?
This is what her cute little face looked like when she finally came up for air. Both Randy and I were laughing our guts out. (And as you can see by her face, she thought she was pretty funny too!)
P.S. Sorry for the poor picture quality. These were taken from my cell phone. Eventually, one day, I will get a new camera.


Jenni Elyse said...

The apron and hat look really cute on her! She's so funny about what she likes to do.

Gwyl said...

Those are very cute pictures of her in her little baking outfit. She does look like she enjoyed the big cookie!

Deon said...

BAM! She could give Emeril a run for his money, that's for sure! Her CQ (cuteness quotient) is off the charts in her chef's gear. My oh my.

I want that apron.

I NEED that apron.

Hey, Addison! What do you want for that apron?

Beth said...

So cute! Those cookies were a big hit with the girls at our party! Thanks for cooking Chef Addi!

Kaylee said...

Oh my gosh that hat kills me! So cute! Remy and I made Valentine's cookies last night,too, and she also ate a TON of dough...Gross!

Sarah said...

Cute!!! I love homemade sugar cookies! Looks like you are doing cake decorating...and getting dang good at it! That stuff is HARD to do man! Way to go!