Friday, February 19, 2010

Potty Training

I know that Addison is only 2 1/2, but I am ready for her to be a big girl and go potty on her own. We have tried a time or two to potty train her, each with failed attempts.
Being the not so great mother that I am, I started using her toys and the things she enjoys to do against her. She wants to be a baby. (That is what she keeps telling me.) I told her that it was okay for her to be a baby, but if she really wants to be a baby, then she will have to do - or not do - the things that babies do. I told her that babies don't walk, run, jump, play with toys, drink chocolate and strawberry (pink at our house) milk. I told her that since she was a baby I would have to carry her everywhere and that she would just have to sit by my and not do anything. Needless to say, she did not like hearing ANY of that! I think the fact that she wouldn't be able to run, was probably the biggest issue for her.
This morning, I was changing Addison's diaper and she didn't like the way the diaper felt on her bum. (This has been a constant issue this week. She doesn't like the way they fit anymore.) After I put her clean diaper on, she asked for panties. I was thrilled! I was ecstatic! I was proud! My little girl wanted to wear panties!!!
She did really good for the first twenty minutes and then it happened. Her first accident of the day. She started to cry because she went poo poo in her panties and she wanted her diaper back. I told her that I was proud of her for telling me that she had an accident and that she could do this. I know she can do this! After that, she was really good about telling me that she needed to go potty.
We printed out a potty training chart and got out her prettiest heart stickers to put on her chart. I also went to the store and got her a stool to stand on in when she needs to wash her hands. So far, both the stickers and the stool have been a HUGE hit! I wouldn't be surprised if she asks to sleep with the stool tonight. She has been carrying it around since I brought it home and thinks she can do just about anything now that she has it!

It is only 8:00 PM and this is the progress that we've made so far today. Seven heart stickers and only 3 panty changes. I am really proud of my little/big girl!


katers said...

Woohoo! Way to go Addi! It sounds like she is doing great!

Jenni Elyse said...

Awesome! Good job, Addi! :) BTW, Jen, you're not a bad mother.

Beth said...

What a big girl! She told me she wanted to run with the animals! Babies can't do that!

You are a great mom! Don't think otherwise!

Ashley said...

Congratulations to Addison AND Jen! This proves you are a great, patient mommy!

And "running with the animals"...that is just too funny.

Deon said...

Just look at all of those hearts! Hey Addison! I HEART you! Good job, big girl! Keep up the the great work and don't worry if you sometimes forget what you're supposed to do with the potty--it has happened to the best of us :D

Brian and chelsea said...

YAY! =)