Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Cake Decorating, Pt. 1

This was my pathetic attempt to decorate a cake!!!
I am taking the Wilton Cake Decorating Class Course 1 with my Mother, brother Bret and his wife Jamie.
I say that this is my pathetic attempt because I was having so many problems with my cake.

First, I couldn't cook the cake to save my life. When I tried to move the cake, it would fall apart. When I would try and take the cake out of the pan it would fall apart.

Second, I couldn't frost the cake. I misread the instructions and used medium consistancy frosting on the cake instead of the thin consistency.

No wonder it was not going on the cake very smoothly. But after many attempts at baking a cake and then doing a second coating of corrected consistency on the cake, this is what turned out.

Stay tuned for next weeks installment of cake decorating for dummies with Jenifer!

Hopefully by then I will be able to read instructions correctly!!!


Gwyl said...

And it tastes so good too! Thanks for the piece of cake.

Deon said...

That cake is about a bajillion times prettier than anything I could whip out even if I practiced for ten years! I'm excited to see next week's masterpiece!

(And if nothing else, you sure look like you know what you're doing--you with your apron and piping bag:D)

LittleMountains said...

I took that class several years ago and made that same cake. Your cake looks better than mine did! Good job! I love your Christmas pictures.

Brian and chelsea said...

Can't have your cake and eat it too....

yeah, that didn't make any sense in this context. Just the first thing that came to mind.

ps - you look tiny!

Beth said...

I think you did a great job! You just made all the mistakes the first week, from here on out your cakes will be perfect!

Ashley said...

Wow, I don't see any mistakes at looks great! I don't think I have ever frosted/decorated a cake in my life, haha.

Jenni Elyse said...

The cake looks great. I think you did a great job. Sorry you had so much trouble, but now you'll know for the next time.

katers said... I think it looks great. Better than anything I've ever (not) tried!

That class sounds like tons of fun! Good for you.

The McDonald's said...

I think it looks great. Way better than anything I could do. That's awesome you guys are taking the class together, good luck with the rest of it.

Pattersonfamilyof4 said...

Fun! I didn't know you were doing this. Can't wait to see all the fun projects.