Thursday, January 7, 2010

Christmas 2009

Merry Christmas!
I got this little nativity for Addison last year and it has been a huge hit! She loves Baby Jesus!

Randy and Addison made breakfast for us before we opened presents. Mama knew that there would be no way Addison would eat after she opened her toys. And, I was right! It was too hard to tear her away from them to go visit the rest of the family. There were some tears involved!
Addison even got to put chocolate chips in her pancakes. Her daddy spoils her!
Once we finished breakfast, Addison ran straight to her stocking and starting pull out all of the fun little gifts that Santa had left her.
Randy got a bowl for us to put our candy in. As soon as Addison saw all the candy in the bowl, she immediately started saying "Happy Halloween"!
Happy little girl! She loves her "Little Pet Shop" toys!
Addison's little BFF Wyatt sent her the cutest little Princess pillow. It is her favorite thing! She won't even let her dad touch it! (Which means she REALLY likes it!)
Addison got dress up clothes from both her mom & dad and her grandparents. This is Addison putting on the ones from mom & dad.
This is daddy playing dress up. Doesn't he look FABULOUS!!!
Check out the loot! I think someone got SUPER spoiled!!!


Beth said...

I want to play dress up! Those shoes look like just the right size for me!

Who doesn't like pancakes with chocolate chips! Good job dad!

I can tell from all the presents from Santa, that Addison was on the top of the "very nice" list!

Deon said...

I would have adored having those shoes when I was a little girl. What am I saying? I would love those shoes now! You know me and my one true love: high heels! Santa was quite the sweetheart to Addison. How will he top this next year? He better start his shopping in February!

Nick and Jen said...

What a happy little girl! She got some great stuff! And Randy looks fabulous in the shoes!

Ashley said...

Cute new blog layout. Looks like Addison got a lot of pink things! Girly things for a girly girl!

Jenni Elyse said...

I think the nativity was super cute and fun too! I might get one for me! :)

I love the new look of your blog.

Ryan and Sara said...

Looks like a fun Christmas! I can't believe how grown up Addison is looking, what a cute girl!

Brian and chelsea said...

What a loot! Someone must have been good this year....

Love Randy's princess shoes. Yeah - I'm thinking you better have a son next, or he'll turn into serious mush. And my husband too :)