Sunday, January 10, 2010

Broken Resolutions

Everyone seems Gung-Ho this time of year about listing their New Years resolutions.

Well, I am a realist. I know darn well that if I make a resolution, I am going to break it. So I am going to share with you some of my past resolutions...all in which I have broken. Just keeping it real people, just keeping it real. yeah, thats a joke!

STOP EATING CHOCOLATE...who was I kidding with that one?

HAVE MORE PATIENCE...that one lasted about 2 seconds.

MAKE A WEEKLY DINNER MENU...well maybe, just maybe, I like going to the grocery store four times a THERE!

SAVE MORE MONEY...Wal-Mart would be VERY upset with me if I had stuck with that one.

HAVE MORE SELF CONFIDENCE...I wasted my pretty years thinking I was fat and ugly. If I only knew...if I only knew. I still avoid the bathroom mirror on the way into the shower.

STOP BEING A PESSIMIST...but my glass is half empty. If you fill it up, I will be happy.

TRY TO REMEMBER PEOPLES NAMES...oh, I am sorry, what did you say your name was???

Well, I am sure there are a thousand more resolutions I forgot. Oh, that's another one...HAVE A BETTER MEMORY!


Beth said...

I love your resolutions! Even if you did break each and every one of them! If I had known about the chocolate one, I wouldn't have encouraged you to buy 50 lbs. of delicious chocolate for Christmas!

Jenni Elyse said...

You're still pretty! Don't fool yourself into thinking you're not!

Nick and Jen said...

You really make me laugh. So I would love to do everyone one of those things as well. But hey, we just need to keep trying. I have the worst trouble with peoples names. I swear they have to tell me their name like a thousand times before I can remember it! :)

Deon said...

You make me feel a whole lot better about my so-called resolutions which aren't really resolutions at all since I didn't ever speak them out loud nor did I write them down anywhere in permanent ink. Maybe I'm off the hook then?

And you, missy! You are so darling no matter what you tell yourself. Repeat after me: Deon says I am a doll!

Meg 'n Heath said...

i love it and totally agree!! thats funny. but you are still pretty and skinny so stop!

Brian and chelsea said...

You silly little self-basher.

Hey - just make a resolution to be a faithful blog reader - I know you'll succeed in that one!

Sara said...

One of the many reasons I love to look at your blog is your commentating. You are one funny girl whose comments always crack me up.