Monday, January 31, 2011

4 Months (Long Overdue)

I took Paige in for her 4 month checkup earlier this month and to me, she seems bigger than she really is.
Weight: 11 Pounds = 9th Percentile
Length: 23 Inches = 23rd Percentile
Isn't it sad that an 11 pound baby at 4 months is my normal? {Oh well, I love my small babies!!! They are easier to carry! :) }

This picture looks out of place, but it is Paige getting ready to roll over. Also, I couldn't help but get a picture of her bum! I am obsessed with my girls bums. They are so stinking cute! Love them!
We have recently started "eating" cereal. I use the term eating loosely. Mostly, meal time consists of me trying to shovel the same spoonful of food into Paige's mouth repeatedly. Addison is appalled that Paige would spit her food at her mother like that.

You can't really tell from this picture, but Paige is/was smiling at me. She was smiling until the flash startled her!
Paige can't quite sit up in the high chair yet, so the bouncer is what we use.
Here is video of Paige actually rolling over. She can get to her side and then stays there for far too long. That is why she is crying so much in the video. She thought her Mama should come in and save her.

Update on Paige:
Paige is starting to want to grab at things. I think she is not quite sure of herself enough to actually grab at something. She will start to put her hand out to touch it and then promptly pulls her hand back into her.
She also has a baby doll that has somehow (Thanks Grandma Beth) been christened "Lulu" that goes everywhere with us. Lulu is a doll/blanket and it is funny to me that a four month old baby can already have a security blanket. If you hand her Lulu, she will quiet down and start chewing on it.
Paige is also an excellent sleeper! I hope that I don't curse myself by publicly proclaiming this and she stops sleeping through the night. I wish Paige could teach her sister how to sleep so well. I usually put Paige to bed between 8:30-9:30 PM and she doesn't wake up until 8:30-9:30 AM.
Also, for such a little girl, she likes to eat...a LOT! We are drinking 6 ounce bottles (Yes, she is on formula. Don't judge me!) 4 to 5 times a day.
Paige is also starting to smile and laugh more. She is a jumpy little girl and gets startled a lot, so in the past, she has started to smile/laugh and stopped herself because she scares herself. But she is starting to get more sure of herself. (I hope that made sense.)


Ashley said...

Aw, you are such a good mommy! I can't believe she's already sleeping 12 hours! Awesome! I love how she smiled at you when you cheered for her after she rolled over. I think it's cute that she startles herself when she laughs. She'll get used to it soon enough. Don't get anxious over how big she is, what she eats, whatever (although it sounds like you aren't anyway). There is no ONE WAY when it comes to kids. I think what they need most of all is love, and your girls are certainly getting plenty of that!

Briar said...

She isnt just sleeping 8 but 12 hours!!!!!!! Shut up!
I get 6 but pray every night just for 8. Lucky mom for sure.

You always dress her so cute. I love that she smiles at the end of the video- like she knew she did good. Good Job little Paige.

Lindsay said...

can i just say that i love her big blue eyes? i do. so cute!!!

Jenni Elyse said...

I think it's so cute and funny that when she laughs, she startles herself.

Deon said...

I always felt such a sense of accomplishment when my children learned a new skill such as rolling over. It's almost as if I was was the one who mastered the challenge :D Your girls are the SWEETEST little things ever, Jen. And, you are such a wonderful mommy!

Beth said...

Good job little Paige! She has the sweetest personality! This Grandma, loves, loves, loves her!

Gwyl said...

She is learning new stuff every day. I think having Addi as a cheering section helps to motivate little Paige too.