Sunday, January 9, 2011

Addison's 3 1/2 Year & Paige's 3 Month Pictures

I am warning you right now that we have picture overload happening here.

I took the girls to JC Penny for their annual Christmas pictures. Paige was not super cooperative, nor was the photographer very good. With that being said, I think we got some good pictures.

I think Paige looks super frightened in this picture. She is a very jumpy girl, so it wouldn't take too much to make her frightened.

Again, another frightened look from Paige.

I think this one looks like Paige is signaling for a smoke break. What do you think?
Addison was so very good. She did everything that the photographer asked of her.

I love my girls! I also love that Addison loves her baby sister. She is constantly loving on her and giving her kisses.

The End


Jenni Elyse said...

There are some great shots in that group. My favorite of Addi is the seventh picture from the bottom and my favorite of Paige is the sixth from the top.

Deon said...

Holy cats, you have some cute kids! I love all of these pics! I think my fav of Addison is the ninth picture from the bottom, and my favorite of Paige is the same as Jenni's--sixth from the top. So sweet!

Isn't it amazing how quickly these babies catch on to the whole sign language thing! Did you let Paige have her Marlboro break?

Briar said...

Oh I think you got some really cute shots! Addison is so cooperative, I am jealous

Gwyl said...

I like them all! :-)

Beth said...

There's not much that can go wrong, even with a bad photographer, when you have such cute models to start with!

Ashley said...

Sweet, sweet sisters!