Monday, January 3, 2011

Merry Christmas

Christmas morning, we awoke to find that Santa had visited our house. I guess Addi WAS a good girl this year. It was touch and go for a while there, but she made it on the nice list after all. Just kidding! Addison is a very good, sweet, kind girl!

Santa even left Addi and Paige a note. Looks like both Santa and Rudolph loved their snacks.
Addison made her sister a present this year. She wrapped the box all by herself and even signed her name on the label.
Addison made a onesie for Paige to wear. It is "rainbow". I have a feeling Paige is going to LOVE this onesie!
I am not sure how Santa knew that Addison loves puzzles, but he did!
Addison wanted a Blythe Littlest Pet Shop and she got one. Do you think she is happy?
Addison opening up some package from Santa. The video is below. She is a little confused about what it is she is opening.
Addison made a card for her mom at school. This is going to be something that I will keep forever. The Santa and all the reindeers are all made out of her finger prints. I love it!
Not only do I love the card, but I love the signature inside the card.
When I got to this part of the present, I couldn't contain my tears. I love this little girl so much!!!
Santa was nice enough to get Addi her very own camera. Now she can take as many pictures of her sister as she would like!
This is a sad little reindeer didn't want to join in any of our reindeer games. Maybe she thought we were going to make fun of her shiny red nose!

I love how confused Addison is. Santa is tricky tricky!

I hope that everyone had a very Merry Christmas! I certainly know we did!


Beth said...

Addi was so adorable! I think she should get a gift from Santa every year wrapped up in a diaper box! So Funny!

Poor little Paige! I wouldn't want a big 'ol red nose either! Way to show your displeasure little angel!

Deon said...

Addison's fingerprint card is so cute; Hallmark couldn't have done better! Addi's face peeking out of that little ornament is adorable!

Poor Paige! That girl has won me over already--obviously she's trying to tell you that one does NOT wear a big hunkin' red nose after Labor Day!!!

Briar said...

That fingerprint card Is so going to be our family christmas card next year!
He opening the present was so cute- you were good to get that on video

Gwyl said...

Glad you got the pictures and the video that you did. It was sure a fun experience.
Love the little girls.
Paige will get even with you some day for putting that huge red thing on her face!

Chelsea said...

Great job giving Addi a happy Christmas. She can write her own name already? Ugh. She's making all the other 3 yr olds look bad.

Ashley said...

I love her confusion about it being in a baby diaper box. I remember one of my favorite gifts as a kid came in a firewood box, and I was not very excited to open it. I love Paige's face with that big red nose! Too funny.

I've heard some other girls say they wanted Pillow Pets for Christmas. They must be the big thing this year?