Tuesday, April 12, 2011

1st Haircut

I love, love, love Addison's hair. I think she has possibly the most gorgeous hair I have ever seen. But she also has those crazy snarly Carly's that come and visit the ends of her hair.

So, the time had come for mom to let her little girl get her hair cut. Surprisingly, Addison was quite okay with her hair getting cut. Her Aunt Nancy did a wonderful job both cutting her hair and making Addison (and her mom) feel at ease. I thought Addi would fight, cry and just make the whole experience miserable but she didn't. She sat there like a big girl and only asked Aunt Nancy a million times if she was almost done! :) I however, did cry. Just a little. My little girl is getting so grown up. It makes me tear up now just thinking about it. I am okay with my kids growing up, I just wish they wouldn't do it so darn fast!


Jenni Elyse said...

It looks great! I thought she'd only cute maybe an inch off, but it looks like she cut six or so inches off. No wonder you were crying! :)

Beth said...

I would have cried too! Addi does have beautiful hair!