Friday, April 8, 2011

Roll Over

All I had to do apparently was blog about her lack of rolling over. The very next day, Paige decided to show us that she really can roll over both ways, but that she just hasn't wanted to.

I have to admit that it kind of makes me sad that Randy gets the kids to hit all of their milestones. I am here with them all day, every day. But they always seem to do them for their daddy. Anyway, I am still proud of the young one and her latest accomplishment.

This is how she looked at me while I was trying to shoot video of her rolling over in both directions. I love the hand under the chin. Looks like she is posing for her latest photo shoot.

It took 10 minutes of filming for me to finally get Paige rolling over both ways.
(But don't worry, I finally figured out how to edit videos, so you only have to watch about 45 seconds.)



Gwyl said...

She is doing great. It's fun to see her progress. Learning new things and then repeating until it's perfect.
What a special little girl.

Beth said...

What a perfect little monkey!