Friday, April 22, 2011

Sad Story Of The Easter Egg

Addison came home from school yesterday with an egg that she dyed at school with her name and stickers on it. She just thought this egg was the neatest thing ever. She even named her it "Eggbert". She carried Eggbert with her all afternoon long. She did not want to put her egg in the fridge. I warned her that if she didn't put her Eggbert in the fridge at bedtime, it was going to get very stinky. We finally found a special spot in the fridge to put her egg. (I am not convinced that she didn't get up and check on Eggbert during the night!) This morning, first thing she did was go to the fridge and make sure the her egg was still okay.
While I was in my bedroom folding laundry and feeding Paige (multi-tasking at it's best!), Addison came running in with giant alligator tears. After I finally got her to calm down just a little bit did I realize that Eggbert had been cracked. Oh the trauma and drama!

After a little bit, Addison was completely over Eggbert. She thought it was more fun to continue squishing the egg than crying over the egg. Though she was surprised to find that inside the egg it was white and not yellow. She thought eggs come out of the shells yellow. (We must eat a lot of scrambled eggs at our house for her to think that!) We had to tear the whole egg apart so that Addison could find the yellow yolk.
For those of you who know me, it took everything I had inside of me to not make her throw that egg away instead of making a mess. I had to keep telling myself "it's just a floor, it's just a floor."
I love how my 3 year olds mind works. She holds simple little treasure in high esteem. I need to be more like that. I think I learn much more from Addison than she does from me! I just love her and her little inquisitive brain to pieces!!!

*If this post doesn't make any sense, it is because I am typing it up at quarter after midnight. My brain doesn't work well after 9 o'clock!


Briar said...

That sounds just like her! All of it, even the yellow egg. Goof for you for letting her make that mess :)

Beth said...

Poor little Eggbert! I'm proud of you also for allowing her to make a mess and figure out her own answers to the workings of an egg! She is very inquisitive! Such a little thinker!

Deon said...

I love it--Eggbert!

Aw, what a good mommy you are to just let the floor be. That floor will need a good scrubbing many times over before your girls are grown and gone, so you were great to just hold your tongue and count this time as merely one of many messes you will get to enjoy :D