Thursday, April 14, 2011

7 Months


We have had this tiny bundle of pure joy for more than half a year! Holy kamoly time really does fly!

At 7 months, this little one has already cut her first tooth and is on the verge of a 2nd popping through. She really likes to squawk! (I thought they didn't start the pterodactyl scream until at least 12 months?!?!) One of these days we will get her to sit up on her own. Right now, we have to sit with her and she will lean into your hand or whatever it holding her up. Paige is a really relaxed, chill baby. She is still a great sleeper and likes to be on a schedule. In the last month, I have started bathing Paige with Addison and I believe that is both girls favorite time of day. Paige likes to eat (understatement)! We started foods with meat this last week and she is going to town on them. I really hope that she isn't as nearly a picky eater as her sister is.

Addison still loves her little sister to death! She will call Paige her "sister sist". I laugh each and every time. It is almost like she knows that she is a cancerous growth that she won't be able to get rid of very easily! :) I love her saying it so much that I have caught myself calling Paige that a few times as well.
Paige loves Addison as least from a distance.
We have been trying to work on staying in our own "bubbles". Addi likes to get in Paige's face. She doesn't do it to be mean to her sister. She just truly loves Paige!

Randy and I truly love Paige as well!
Next thing you know I am going to be planning her first birthday party and bawling my eyes out that my baby is no longer a baby!
I think I may stop feeding my kids, just so they won't continue to grow! :)

Thanks Briar for the photos! They turned out usual!


Jenni Elyse said...

Those are such cute pictures! I especially love the first one of Paige and the one of both Paige and Addi laying on the floor.

Kaylee said...

Wow those pictures are beautiful! I cannot believe little paige is already 7 months! She is so cute and I just want to chew on those cheeks!

Gwyl said...

7 months old. Time truly does fly. These little girls are beautiful.

Those are really good pictures Jen.

Beth said...

These girls are the sweetest! Addi does adore her little sister sist!

Deon said...

Just look at those delicious little thighs in picture #1--so darling! Picture #5 has so much emotion swirling around it with the girls looking away from the camera and so much contemplation in their faces. LOVE!

Nick and Jen said...

Beautiful girls!! I cannot believe that she is 7 months already!! That is really crazy! When your pregnant it feels like time stops and you will always be pregnant...but once they come, time goes way too fast. Addison is getting so big and beautiful! SO fun.

Pattersonfamilyof4 said...

Such cute girls!