Monday, January 5, 2009

Bowling Buddies

I am still really green with this blogspot thing, so these pictures aren't in order.
Addison and I went to another Vernal Mom's Group outing and this time it was bowling.  It was actually really fun.  I had my doubts because doing just about anything with an 18 month old is a challenge, but she did really great. 

Addison and Wyatt had more fun running up and down the ramp than the actual bowling, but it kept them occupied while Abby (Wyatt's Mom) and I finished bowling the kids's game.  

Check out Hercules here!!!  
This ball is 5 pounds (1/4 Addison's weight) and she was carrying it all by herself!  Don't you love the pink ball?  If I were to go on the pro-bowling curcuit, I'd have myself a pink bowling ball too!

Wyatt and Abby bowling their turn.  
Addison and I can't wait for the next bowling outting!  Thanks for going bowling with us everyone, especially Abby and Wyatt!!!

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Gwyl said...

While McDonalds makes me hungry I think the bowling looks much more fun. Way to go Addi!