Monday, January 5, 2009

McDonald's Playdate

Since Addison and I don't have a whole lot to do down here in Vernal, I decided to join the Vernal Mom's Group.  They have various activities throughout the week.  One of their activities is a McDonald's playdate.  Addison and I thought we'd go check it out.  In the two and a half years that we have lived in Vernal, I have never been inside the McDonald's here in town.  I was very much disappointed in what I saw.  Their play place is probably the most pathetic play place in the world!  I don't think that Addison cared too much about what they had or didn't have.  She just loved running, running and running!!!  Did I mention she liked running?
This is Addison kissing the turtle.  Right now, she loves giving kisses.  I have even caught her kissing her little friends Wyatt and Ross before!!!  We are definately going to have to keep our eye on this one!!!
Wyatt was such a good little poser.  He even taught Addison how to say "cheese"!

We don't like to go DOWN the slide as much as we like to go UP the slide!  


Jenni Blaser said...

Um, yeah.... The playplace looks pathetic! I'm glad Addison had a good time, though.

LittleMountains said...

I love the pose of Addison on the turtle with her hands on her hips. She is sooo cute! She has a lot more hair than she did in July. I cannot believe how much she has grown! We cannot wait to see you again!

Beth said...

I will take those kisses any day! ;-)