Friday, January 23, 2009

They'll Be Coming Round The Mountain When They Come

Grandma and Papa came this last weekend to visit us, since Randy is out of town for work.  Can you see how much this little girl loves her Grandma and Papa?  She just lit up when they walked in the door.  Addison was supposed to be sleeping, but Grandma and Papa much more fun than sleeping...can't you tell?

On a side note: We all thought that Addison would pitch a fit when it was time for Grandma and Papa to leave.  Addison WAS upset when they left, but not because they left, but because she had to come back inside the house!  This little girl makes me laugh every single day! 
 What a great blessing she is in my life!  I love you, baby girl!!!


LittleMountains said...

I still think your dad looks like a bishop. Addison looks so much like both of you.

Beth said...

I miss that little girl! She gives the best loves ever! (well one of three best loves!)