Monday, January 5, 2009

You're SO Funny!!!

I just had to post this video...again.  I already posted it on our other blog, but I just love listening to Addi's laugh. 
I am so glad that Addi had good friends already that she can laugh with!
PS.  Can you tell what Addison's favorite thing to say is? (Hint: It's not "I love you, Mama!")


Gwyl said...

Here laugh is the best!

Deon said...

She is a charmer, that one! I hope her daddy is prepared to fend off all of the guys who are sure to give Wyatt a run for his money!

sherman and juliette said...

That is too cute! Don't you just love this age, my little Katelyn is especially fun right now, learning so much and doing somthing new everyday! I sure am glad to see that you got yourself a blog, I sure had a hard time viewing your other one. keep in touch.